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Acclaim -

"The headline of this production going in was the Met debut of the Ukrainian tenor Dmytro Popov as Rodolfo."

New York Classical Review

"On Wednesday, Popov’s ringing, hall-filling high notes were indeed something to hear…Together, however, Popov and Pérez generated plenty of heat in the radiant unisons of their love duets."

Acclaim -

"The Ukrainian tenor Dmytro Popov, in his Met debut, was especially impressive as the young poet Rodolfo."

The New York Times

"Bluff in horseplay with his bohemian fellows; tender in his unsettling, bumbling encounter with the seamstress Mimi; powerful in his impassioned outbursts of love and despair, showing real metal in the voice."

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Acclaim -

"Dmytro Popov, giovane tenore ucraino dagli interessanti mezzi vocali ma ancora in parte da raffinare."

GB Opera

"La voce è bella, schietta, dotata di buono squillo."

Acclaim -

"Tenor Dmytro Popov is in mellifluous, heady voice as Vaudémont. "


"Their duet is the crux of the opera and Popov and Golovneva are incredibly touching."

Acclaim -

"The news here is tenor Dmytro Popov as Iolanta’s knightly suitor."

Opera News

"His is a voice capable of lyrical tenderness, but with top-note squillo that almost buzzes.…Popov’s ardent Vaudémont is the most exciting on recordings since Vladimir Atlantov’s ringing performance in the mid ’70s."

Acclaim -

"Ukrainian tenor Dmytro Popov brought a bold and bracing quality to Verdi’s lines."

The Guardian

Acclaim -

"Dmytro Popov was compelling both theatrically and vocally as Don José."


"Popov’s dexterous and resonant tenor voice, spiced with a luscious, oscillating vibrato and high throaty warble, was charisma itself. Act II's La fleur que tu m’avais jetée signalled…Popov’s star quality."

Acclaim -

"The cast is led by the fine Ukranian tenor Dmytro Popov, whose Don José grows in confidence as the evening progresses."

Limelight Magazine

"His rendition of the Flower Song is beautifully shaded with a delicious diminuendo on the high B Flat… Popov carries it off with control and dignity"

Features -

On a knife-edge: tenors dressed to kill in Carmen

Sydney Morning Herald

"For me, it's really difficult to kill her because, for my opinion, she does not deserve it"

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Acclaim -

"Ukrainian tenor Dmytro Popov was an outstanding Don José, singing with resounding clarity and intensity."

The Australian

Acclaim -

"Dmytro Popov as Don Jose, however, soars with lyric intensity"

The Sydney Morning Herald

"deeply convincing in his aria about that moment when all-encompassing desire transcends all duty and worldly ties."